Accon Priti Creation LLP

Accon Priti Creation LLP – A name of the symbol of a bright potential creativity.  

Founded in 2021 by young Indian multi-talented Entrepreneur Arindam Chowdhury and his skilled and worthy partner  Rimi Chowdhury (wife).

Arindam Chowdhury has severally tasted of cosistent success in the Indian corporates. 

His dream project - Accon Priti Creation LLP, has a continual target to produce content that garners both popular as well as critical acclaim while making Indian films more visible to an international and national audience. 

The content consists of originality, quality, reality, and connectivity between reel life and real. 

Accon Priti Creation LLP is the hub of innovation and creative minds which always steps towards a view to explore new markets for its innovative creations. 

In addition to these, it’s has an intend to syndicate their creations in global markets. 

Story-telling is a power of art and it’s a privilege to convey the message and thought to the target audience and spread the light of knowledge. 

Accon Priti Creation LLP is proud to serve its state as well as to the country by the way of their innovatory creations.

Being a production house of motion picture creation, they are engaged in making, buying, selling, running, export; film, TV serials, advertisements, telefilms, documentaries, and web series, either solely, or in partnership mood which may be periodically or permanently. 

It helps many to live, fulfill, encourage, and follow their dreams. 

Accon Priti Creation LLP is active as agent, broker, owner, or distributor of copyrights, and motion pictures of all kinds of entertainments, amusements, and publicity.  

Arindam Chowdhury, a multi-focused businessman and Managing director - Chairman of Accon Priti Group, has been an achiever and team leader since last 23 years gloriously.

Accon Priti Creation LLP was originally incorporated in Kolkata as “Accon Priti Creation LLP” on ___, 2021 under the Companies Act. 

This organisation is also operative as an institute to encourage young Cultural mindset to provide them with standard hands-on training and experience in Film making, editing, acting, script-writing, directing, and personality development classes through the internship process and. workshops. 

Students of Film Studies, Mass Communication, and Media Studies will be highly privileged  and riched in knowledge with this opportunity. 

Every interested person can take a tour of this website to know more about Accon Priti Creation LLP and upcoming projects.